Getting your Columbus home ready for summer

Almost everyone is back at home now that summer has officially started! Now you have a full house of kids, teens, and young adults back from college. There is an adjustment period for you as well as your home. The pressure on your plumbing will increase as your population grows. There is no escaping water […]

Raw sewage, yuk!

Certified professionals can clean up raw sewage in Columbus. Raw sewage, yuk! It smells horrible, looks disgusting, and is a deathtrap of hazardous contaminants capable of infecting an untrained handler. The types of dangerous bacteria in raw sewage can cause several diseases, most of which are life-changing or deadly. R1 service technicians assess the situation […]

High Quality Professional Services For Water Damage and Restoration

Expert Water Damage and Restoration Services in Columbus. Water in the first floor of your home is a terrible surprise to wake up to in the morning. You respond quickly to the dangers of having water flowing into your home. You wake everyone in the home and tell them to quickly grab some clothes and […]

Choosing a water heater in Columbus!

In Columbus, which type of water heater is good for you? The popularity of tankless water heaters is growing as more people become aware of this water heating option. Storage water heaters have undergone updates to prevent explosions and as much erosion as possible. However, storage water heaters take up space, still gather minerals, and […]

Water Damage in Columbus!

Staying safe when your home or office floods When you have a flood event in your home or office, the water generally surprises you when it begins. At this time, you are relegated to a limited range of choices, all of which should be productive for your situation and not counterproductive. The sole objective should […]

Sewage Cleanup in Columbus!

Never handle sewage! Call Restoration 1 Columbus What is sewage? Sewage is simply contaminated water and can be a cocktail of wastewater derived from household sources as well as industrial runoff or waste products. It can contain innocuous material such as soap residual as well as pathogenic and toxic material. By far, the most dangerous substance […]