Water Flooding Your Home – What to do?

Water Flooding Your Home – What to do?

Water removal and damage restoration in Columbus. It is critical to take decisive steps when a pipe burst and water is flooding and causing water damage in your home. The first step to prevent further water damage is to shut off the main water supply located in the front of your yard near the sidewalk or […]


What to Do While Waiting for Flood Cleanup – Columbus, OH

It is difficult to cope with an emergency flood cleanup. You must respond quickly if your house is suddenly overwhelmed with inches of water. Water damage happens over time, but it starts the moment your items get wet. As a consequence, you should begin cleaning as soon as possible. If the damage is severe, use […]

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Common Water Problems Every Homeowner Should Know – Columbus, OH

Water may cause considerable property damage, making it one of the more dangerous variables that homeowners must deal with. Water can enter your home from any direction, which does not help. To avoid water damage to your property, you must first be aware of the various sources. This knowledge can assist you decide how to […]


Water Damage Restoration and Prevention -Columbus, OH

Bathrooms are typically moist and humid, with water splashing everywhere. Water damage may occur if part of the water seeps into the walls and floors. Furthermore, it has the potential to cause mold issues and structural damage, necessitating costly remediation. Dark discoloration, bowed or warped walls, a strong musty odor, and peeling or bubbling paint […]


Symptoms and Signs of Burst Pipes in the Basement – Columbus, OH

Pipes in your house or business might burst at any time. A damaged leaky pipe can be difficult to see since pipes are usually concealed from view, and if left unattended, it can cause substantial and costly damage. Why Do Pipes Burst Pipes can burst due to freezing, installation errors, physical damage, and even corrosion. […]


How Do Ice Dams Damage Property?

Winter, while being a harsh and snowy season, can be a beautiful sight to see. During the day, sheets of white snow sparkle, and icicles dangling from rooftops contrast beautifully with the softer-looking snow on the ground. It’s important to remember, though, that the views that winter provides may also be hazardous. It can be […]


Outdoor Christmas Light Safety Guide

For the holidays, 86% of Americans decorate their houses. During the winter holiday season, house fires and electrical malfunctions are also more likely. It’s easy to ignore simple safety precautions when hanging holiday lights, especially with all of the hustle and bustle that comes with this time of year. While holiday lights enhance the beauty […]

Is Your Dishwasher at Risk?

Is Your Dishwasher at Risk? 

Dishwasher fires are a rare occurrence. However, fires can occur due to electrical problems, faulty components, or improper machine use and maintenance. Moisture contacting the wires in these appliances is a common cause of fires, so check for leaks and have them inspected by a professional at least once a year. Follow These Dishwasher Safety […]


Preventing Basement and Crawlspace Flooding in Columbus

Unless something catastrophic occurs, basements and crawl spaces are seldom thought about much. If you were to deal with water damage, you would be out hundreds of dollars. Now that it is too late, you may regret not having prevented it. Your crawl space or basement may flood if you live in a flood-prone area […]

Repairing or Replacing Rain Gutters: Which Is Better?

Repairing or Replacing Rain Gutters: Which Is Better?

Rain gutters usually don’t get much thought. They don’t cross your mind when they’re working. But when your rain gutters begin to break down, how do you decide whether to repair them or replace them? You should consider these three things when repairing or replacing gutters: Leaks In order to decide whether or not to […]