Getting your Columbus home ready for summer

Almost everyone is back at home now that summer has officially started! Now you have a full house of kids, teens, and young adults back from college. There is an adjustment period for you as well as your home. The pressure on your plumbing will increase as your population grows. There is no escaping water damage. Prevent water damage emergencies by maintaining and restoring your summer house. These tips can help you avoid water problems during summer break.

Summer Rainstorms

Summer rainstorms are responsible for most water damage during the summer months. They release tons of water over a short period of time. Heavy winds carry debris that can damage your home.

Water can leak into your home during a storm. When water gets into your home, it can be detrimental to both your family and your home. Water damage can result in mold growth, flooding, and the loss of sentimental belongings.


Whether it’s condensation on windowsills, a leaky roof, or a damp home, mold thrives in damp environments. The health of your family can be threatened if you don’t act quickly on this issue.


A flood can be divided into four categories. A class 1 flood occurs when flood rates are slow and the affected area is small. A class 2 flood damage is defined as 24 inches of standing water on the floor. The foundation of your home may be permanently damaged. In a class 3 flood damage scenario, water is leaking from above and has infiltrated the entire structure. Damage of class 4 requires extreme drying solutions and is almost certainly irreparable.

Sprinkler Systems

Water damage could result from a leaking sprinkler system, a broken hose, or an overturned sprinkler. You will need to contact a professional to find the source of the leak if you see pooling water after each cycle. 

Leaking Faucets or Pipe Breaks

You can usually tell when a faucet is leaking. The sight and sound of it will probably aggravate you. Your local plumber can fix a leaky pipe. Over time, a leaking faucet can cause damage under the sink or within the wall. To avoid this, contact a restoration company.

You may have problems with old pipes in your home. The same applies if your pipe installation was improperly executed. People often think pipes break only during winter, but corroded pipes or pipes that are improperly installed can leak and damage walls.

If you have summer water problems, Restoration 1 of Columbus is ready to handle them. We’re here to help you!