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Expert Water Damage and Restoration Services in Columbus.

Water in the first floor of your home is a terrible surprise to wake up to in the morning. You respond quickly to the dangers of having water flowing into your home. You wake everyone in the home and tell them to quickly grab some clothes and leave the house through the front door. You tell them the downstairs is flooded with water and they need to be careful going, but they need to leave as soon as possible. You need to find water damage and restoration services immediately. You search online for a local water damage restoration service and find the phone number to Restoration 1 Columbus. You call and speak to a live person. You explain what you saw when you woke up this morning. They said they would have a crew of service technicians at your home within an hour.

R1 Columbus is locally owned and operated. We take pride in our quality, thoroughness, and timely water damage cleanup and restoration services. Our service technicians are thoroughly trained in cutting-edge techniques and using the latest, most advanced technology to clean up water damage and complete the entire restoration process. Our service technicians are skillful in making an accurate assessment of your home’s status, the degree of water damage, and the extent of restoration services you need to return to a safe and healthy environment.

We are recognized as the #1 water damage and restoration service in Columbus and the surrounding areas. We are consistently at the top due to our commitment to high ethical standards, professional customer service, accurate assessments, state-of-the-art processes and equipment, adherence to code regulations, certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Center (IICRC), and 24/7 emergency restoration services.

We are proud of the services we offer to our neighbors in the community and thankful we are welcomed into your lives, even if it is under serious circumstances.

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