Choosing a water heater in Columbus!

In Columbus, which type of water heater is good for you?

The popularity of tankless water heaters is growing as more people become aware of this water heating option. Storage water heaters have undergone updates to prevent explosions and as much erosion as possible. However, storage water heaters take up space, still gather minerals, and have large amounts of water to release into your home when they leak.  There is a risk of water leaking causing water damage in your home with a storage water heater.

There are things to think about when considering a tankless water heater.  The first major drawback is the high initial cost that goes into buying one and having it installed.  The device is more expensive than a storage water heater by a couple of thousands of dollars.  The installation of a tankless water

heater requires specialized training.  In addition to a plumber, an electrician may need to complete some of the installation if your home is not electrically capable of supporting a tankless water tank.  A second issue to consider is a storage water heater has hot water stored and available to you when you

need it.  The tankless system heats the water when you turn the faucet on, meaning you have to wait for hot water. The third issue with the water temperature is there is no ability to mix cold and hot water to get warm water.  The fourth issue to consider is a storage water heater has hot water stored in it while the tankless water heater does not.  This means the storage water heater can provide you with hot water during a power outage, and the tankless is not.

There are many pros related to the tankless water heater system, sometimes referred to as the

‘demand water heater system.’  There is less risk of it exploding or springing a leak, causing water damage in your home.  It does not use as much energy as the storage tank because it does not have water stored and having to keep hot.  The length of life between a storage water heater and a tankless water heater is vast – the tankless system lasts around 20 years.  The tankless system saves space and can be installed anywhere in your home and in several locations in your home based on your preference.

Call R1 Columbus to schedule a time for a technician to come and assess the cost of installing one if you are seriously considering it.  This is when expert advice is needed.