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What is sewage?

Sewage is simply contaminated water and can be a cocktail of wastewater derived from household sources as well as industrial runoff or waste products. It can contain innocuous material such as soap residual as well as pathogenic and toxic material. By far, the most dangerous substance found in raw sewage is germs.

Of these, E. coli or Escherichia coli is the most dangerous. Oddly, this material is found inside the human digestive tract where it performs an essential role in keeping the digestive system healthy. But when E. coli gets into our bodies on the outside of the digestive tract, this can be deadly and can lead to cramping, vomiting, severe diarrhea, and dehydration.

How infection begins and how can disease spread?

By being in contact with sewage you could also be exposed to the hepatitis A virus. Hepatitis A is an infection that is not only highly contagious but also directly affects your liver. The typical symptoms of hepatitis A are jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, and an inflamed liver.

Raw sewage also causes Campylobacteriosis which is diarrhea and will cause bloody stool, fever, cramping, and vomiting. Viral gastroenteritis is another common threat found in sewage. This is often a nonviral infection that can be spread through contaminated food or water and by contact with raw sewage.

The results of inhaling the nasty vapor created by sewage will make you extremely sick. For this reason, if you have a sewage overflow, you must get out of the house and call Restoration 1 Columbus right away.

Ingesting raw sewage can lead to one or all of the following:


  • salmonellosis
  • shigellosis
  • diarrhea
  • trachoma
  • melioidosis


  • gastroenteritis
  • hepatitis A

Diseases caused by parasites:

  • giardiasis
  • dwarf tapeworm infection
  • threadworm infection
  • hookworm infection
  • strongyloidiasis

In conclusion, sewage is extremely infectious and nobody should ever come in direct contact with it. That is exactly why we have restoration companies that do this sort of work every day and utilize hazmat suites and lots of protective gear so they can stay safe and do the work to keep you safe!

It’s also why you should call Restoration 1 Columbus if you have a sewage overflow.

You will love the results!