The 3 Categories of Water Damage Contamination

water damage restoration newarkOne of the most common and problematic things that can happen to a home is some kind of water damage. In the U.S., there are about 14,000 people that are affected by water damage every day, according to reports. Properties in Newark, Ohio, aren’t at especially high risk for flooding, but no home is 100% safe from potential water damage. If or when water damage occurs in your home, did you know that there are different categories of water damage contamination? Knowing these can help you stay safe while you are trying to resolve the water damage.

Water Damage Restoration – Newark

There are many different causes of water damage, and within the different kinds of water damage that can occur, there are different ways to measure or track the quality of the water. One way to differentiate water damage is with different categories. The level of these categories refers to the level at which the water has been contaminated by a substance or organism. When water is contaminated, it affects the quality of the water and can be harmful to people when they come into contact with it. It also changes the steps necessary to restore your property after the damage.

Category 1 Water Damage

The first category of water damage is called ‘white water.’ This water is considered sanitary, as it comes from a source that is not contaminated or at risk. This water is also considered to be clean and can come from places like a leaking faucet, melted snow, or even toilet tanks. A big thing to remember here is that this water does not pose a risk or a threat to people if it were to be ingested or inhaled. This kind of water damage is usually easier to resolve than the rest since it requires less decontamination. 

Category 2 Water Damage

The second category of water damage is called ‘grey water.’ This water is contaminated by substances that would be harmful if ingested or inhaled by a person. The matter within this water is unsafe and has the ability to actually make a person sick. This kind of water comes from things like overflowed toilet bowls, dishwashers, or aquariums.

Category 3 Water Damage

The final category of water damage is called ‘black water’. Black water is the most dangerous of the three categories. This water is considered to be ‘grossly contaminated’ and has the highest risk of getting people sick when they come into contact with it. This water can come from sewage, lakes, seawater, and any kind of floodwater.

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The good news is that regardless of the water damage category, it is possible to get help and have your property restored to normal. Here at Restoration 1 of Greater Columbus, we are local experts in water damage restoration. We understand the importance of acting quickly in the face of disaster, and when it comes to water damage, we have certified experts on our team who can help you feel confident in taking the necessary steps to restore your home. Give us a call today for help from experts and peace of mind.