What to Do While Waiting for Flood Cleanup – Columbus, OH

It is difficult to cope with an emergency flood cleanup. You must respond quickly if your house is suddenly overwhelmed with inches of water. Water damage happens over time, but it starts the moment your items get wet. As a consequence, you should begin cleaning as soon as possible. If the damage is severe, use a water restoration company to assist you with cleaning and sanitizing.

What Should You Do While You Wait for Flood Cleanup?

What should you do now that you’ve phoned for help and are awaiting the arrival of skilled water repair professionals? Because you’ll be waiting for the service professionals, utilize this time to remove as much water as possible. This will help to prevent further damage while also enabling the area to begin drying. You may also retrieve items from the water and store them in a dry location.

Precautions to be Taken

Because of the presence of water, it is vital that no electricity be utilized in the flooded area. The safest course of action is to turn off the power to the flooded rooms. If any of your electronics have been damaged by water, unplug them after the power is turned off and transfer them to higher ground.

You should only enter the water if absolutely necessary, and you should always wear boots. Pollutants may enter the air, therefore avoid being in rooms where flooding has occurred. During the emergency flood cleanup, keep the windows open and utilize fans to blow indoor air to the exterior of your property.

Getting Ready to File an Insurance Claim

Homeowners who wish to submit an insurance claim should document the incident. Photograph or video the scene to show the extent of the damage. If you are not insured for flood damage, you will be unable to submit a claim.

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