What You Need To Know About Drywall And Water Damage

water damage restoration columbusMany parts of your home are extremely vulnerable to water damage. These include carpet, furniture, wood, insulation, and drywall among others. This post focuses on water-damaged drywall and what it means for your home. Drywall is particularly important to focus on since it is so absorbent and makes up an important part of your home’s structure. 

Water Damage Restoration Columbus

Here is what our experts at Restoration 1 of Columbus have to say about drywall and water damage. In other words, here is your very own homeowner’s guide to water damage. 

How To Tell If Your Drywall Is Damaged

Look For Watermarks

Unsightly brown and black watermarks are a classic sign of drywall damage. Watermarks are typically found in the ceiling or walls. If you do find watermarks, make sure you act right away because it means that the damage has already progressed significantly. You may be able to save your drywall, but it may be too late at this point.

Feel For Moisture And Texture

If signs of drywall damage aren’t readily visible, you may be able to detect damage by touch. If there is water damage in your wall affecting the drywall, the wall may sound damp or even soggy to the touch. 

Look For Hidden Signs Of Moisture

Hidden leaks or water damage that has been given time to dry can be especially difficult to diagnose. For example, the evidence of small floods may be seen under the carpet or behind baseboards. If it’s easy to pry up or remove a section of material, you may do so to check for signs of current or pre-existing damage.

Does Wet Drywall Need To Be Replaced?

There’s no clear-cut answer to this question, and you should consult with a professional. However, dealing with water damage in your drywall is tricky and there’s a chance you may not be able to save it.

What To Do If Your Drywall Is Affected By Water Damage

Identify The Source Of The Damage

First things first, you need to know what is causing the damage. Until you do this, no amount of restoration will help since the damage will continue accruing. Make this your top priority before diving into the restoration process.

Stop The Damage In Its Tracks

Once you know where the damage is coming from, you can finally put a stop to it. You may be able to do this on your own, but it depends on the type and severity of the damage. Ultimately, this may be a conversation best had with a professional water damage restoration company so they can help you through the cleaning and restoration process. 

Call A Water Damage Restoration Company

When all is said and done, water damage is best handled by experts. Call us at Restoration 1 of Columbus today for any drywall damage or general water damage you are dealing with in your home. We will be right out to repair the damage and give your home the care it deserves.